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HAZMAT Training for your Department

The State HAZMAT Team can assist your department by delivery of many different HAZMAT classes. Below you will find a description of each class.                            

Air Monitoring

This class combines both classroom and hands on components of proper air monitoring. Fundamentals of air monitoring are covered including many properties of gases such as Vapor Density, LEL and toxicity. It is best to have your meter(s) present as the instructors are familiar with most meters in use.

Compressed Natural Gas

With the advent of CNG trailer crossing all areas of Vermont your department may want to have this 2 hour course offered by VHMRT. This session will cover properties of CNG as well as the safety features of the trailers hauling the product.

HAZMAT Refresher

You have taken the time to get your department trained in HAZMAT and you dont want to see that time and effort lost because you did not do the annual refresher. VHMRT can help you by offering a refresher for whatever level of HAZMAT you need: awareness, operations or decon.

Ethanol and Foam

VHMRT can provide training on the impact of Ethanol as an additive to gasoline. This change in formulation has a major impact on foam use and selection.

Clan Lab Awareness Training

The State Police Clandestine Lab Team can provide this training. Please email Lt. Hugh O'Donnell at with your request, please include date/times for the training.