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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request the State HAZMAT Team?

You request the team by calling the HAZMAT Hotline 1-800-641-5005. When it is answered state,” I am requesting the State HAZMAT Team”

If I request the HAZMAT Team does that mean all four Trucks and all the Technicians will respond?

The Crew Chief on duty for the HAZMAT Team will determine with information from the Incident Commander the proper amount and type of resources to send to the incident.

When should I call the HAZMAT Hotline?

Anytime your Department responds to an incident where there is an actual spill or release.  This is how all HAZMAT incidents are formally reported to the State.

How do I reach the HAZMAT Chief for non-emergencies?

Call the Chief at 802-585-4468 or email

What kind of HAZMAT incidents can the HAZMAT Team respond to?

The Team is trained and equipped to respond to and manage any HAZMAT incident from LPG to unknown substances, to toxic industrial chemicals to meth labs to radiological incidents.

How can local emergency response agency's get ERG's?

Emergency Response Guides are available free of charge to any Vermont emergency response agency. Please contact Chief McLaughlin at 802-585-4468 or email to get your copies.

2024 ERGs will be available in mid-April 2024, if you would like to request your Agency's copies now please complete the following form  - Click Here or scan the QR code below 

ERG 2024

Does it cost anything to request the HAZMAT Team?

No.  The team is fully funded and is available to any fire department at no cost.