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Fire Investigation

The Vermont Arson Tip Award Program was formed in 1984 by the insurance and banking industry as a nonprofit association. The main objective was to solicit public feedback and identify fire setters.

The tips that have been generated in this program have developed into many prosecutable cases, while thousands of dollars in awards have been returned to the callers. The Vermont Arson Tip Award Program operates with members of the insurance agencies, banking and insurance, fire departments, and the Vermont State Police. Public service announcements are also a big part of the program as education and awareness is vital to the success of fighting arson.

Remember-We Want Your Information-Not Your Name

Call 1-800-32-ARSON (1-800-322-7766)

In 2006 the Division of Fire Safety and the Vermont State Police combined resources to form a statewide Fire Investigation Unit. This Unit brings together the strengths of both divisions to address the issues identified in fire investigation. The Vermont State Police Detective Sergeants work with Division of Fire Safety Investigators on the origin and cause.

It is still the Fire Chief’s responsibility by law to investigate all fires. The Fire Chief should call for assistance when he/she cannot determine what started the fire or for help determining the origin and cause. The exceptions are when there is injury or death caused by a fire, or when arson is suspected. In these cases the Fire Chief should call the fire investigators immediately for assistance.

The process hasn't changed for calling the fire investigators for assistance. The Fire Chief should call the State Police dispatcher when requesting assistance, as has been the standard practice. The dispatchers have a call out list for the investigators. There are five State Police and five Fire Safety Investigators, each taking a week of on-duty call out. The Department of Public Safety is committed to working with and assisting the fire service in its goal of protecting life and property in Vermont. The Fire Investigation Unit is one way of making Vermont a safer place to live, work, and visit.

How Fire Departments Request a State Fire Investigator

How to Request Fire Investigation Report

Vermont Arson Tip Award Program

  • If you have any information about a case, please contact the Vermont Arson Tip Award Program (VATAP) at 1-800-32-ARSON.