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Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention

Fire interest in children is almost universal. Children of all ages are involved in firesetting behavior. Although curiosity about fire is natural, setting fires is not. The VT Youth Firesetter Prevention Advisory Intervention Team Program was developed to assist fire departments in providing community-based intervention efforts. The team provides information, material and technical assistance to new and existing local programs.

Educational Package for Youth Firesetter Intervention Programs
A wide range of educational resource materials is available from several sources.  These materials provide an excellent base for communities to draw upon when designing the educational component of their juvenile firesetter intervention programs.

What You Can Do?

Parents... Teach Your Child about Fire

  • Fire is a tool we use to heat our homes or cook our food.
  • It is not a toy.
  • Fire is dangerous -- it can kill.
  • All fires -- even small ones -- can spread quickly.
  • Even adults must follow special safety rules for fire.
  • Control Your Child’s Access to Fire
  • Keep all matches and lighters out of the reach of children -- even a 2-year old can operate a cigarette lighter.
  • Never allow anyone to use lighters or matches in an unsafe manner in your home.
  • Never leave stoves or lighted candles unattended.
  • Teach children to bring to your attention any matches or lighters they find.
  • Information from the US Fire Administration