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Farm and Rural Fire Safety

 A fire on the farm is a farmer’s worst nightmare and often, it brings significant emotional and economic damage to the farming community.

The most common causes of barn fires in Vermont is heating equipment, which includes portable heaters, heat lamps orsparks from chimneys from other buildings. The division of fire safety has teamed up with the Barn Fire Prevention Task Force that is working on developing resources to support the agricultural community and VT’s farm families to  address ways to prevent barn fires in our state.

Fire Safety Highlights

  • Prevent a Fire from Starting -  Preventing a fire from starting in the first place is really the best thing that a farmer can do.
  • Develop a Plan - Knowing what to do if a fire does break out is essential in protecting your farm and your family.
  • Perform a Farm Safety Self Inspection - All farms, even the small back yard farm should be evaluated for potential hazards and conditions that could lead to a fire.
  • Control Potential Ignition Sources - Strictly enforce a ‘NO SMOKING’ policy in and around all farm buildings. Maintain adequate clearance to combustibles around heaters.
  • Ensure electrical repairs and installations are performed by or inspected by a licensed electrician.
  • Be Careful When Using Fire - Keep burning brush piles well away from the barn and maintain at least a 50 foot fire break around the barn. Many barn fires are started when the small brush pile that someone is burning spreads to farm structures.
  • Install and Maintain Portable Fire Extinguishers - Install at least two 10 pound A B C extinguishers in the barn and out buildings.
  • Human safety must be your first priority. Do not put you self at risk. 

Fire Safety on Vermmont Farms 

A Fire Safety Education Video for the Farm and Family

In 2016 the Division of Fire Safety Pubic Education Section partnered with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets, related professionals and a team of other stakeholders to produce a farm fire safety education video.

Additional Information Resource Links
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 contact the office for full version of the video