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Trade Licenses, Certification and Renewals Web Portal

The Division of Fire Safety administers licensing and certification of trade groups to maintain professionals at a high level of technical knowledge.  Most licensing and certification programs require continuing education to keep current with code changes and emerging technology.

Note: Not all License Applications or Renewals are available online at this time, we will be rolling the complete list below out over the next several months. 

          Initial Licenses for Plumbing Electrical and Elevator/Conveyance are not available on the Portal.

         Fill-able PDF's are available here


Licensing Ledger:
EM - Electrical Master
EJ - Electrical Jouryneyman
ES - Electrical Specialist
          A1- Automatic Gas / Oil Heating
          B2 - Outdoor Advertising
          C3 - Refridgeration and Air Conditioning
          D4 - Appliance and Motor Repairs
          E5 - Well Pumps
          F6 - Farm Equipment
         G7c - Commercial Fire Alarms
         G7g - Gas Pumps / Bulk Plants
         G7k - Electrical Locksmith
         G7l - Lightning Rod Installers
         G7s - Solar Panel Installers

PM - Plumbing master
PJ - Plumbing Journeyman
PS - Plumbing Specialist
          P1 - Water Heater Specialist
          P2 - Heating System Specialist
          P3 - Water Treatment Specialist

ELI - Elevator Inspector
ELE - Elevator Mechanic
ELL - Elevator Lift Mechanic



Division of Fire Safety; Licensing
45 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671
802-479-7564 (phone)