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Variance Information

Detailed information about the variance process and requirements can found in the Vermont Fire & Building Safety Code. All variance requests must be submitted to the Regional Office having jurisdiction where the building is located.

Minimum Required Information Needed:

  1. Evidence that the proposed or existing building or premises is not in compliance with this Code.
  2. Evidence, letters, statements, test results, construction documents, computations, chemical and physical properties or other supporting information as prepared by licensed or certified professionals that is required to justify the request.
  3. Evidence that strict compliance with the Code would entail practical difficulty, unnecessary hardship or otherwise found unwarranted.
  4. Evidence that any such variance or exemption secures the public safety and health and that the methods, means or practices proposed provide equal protection of the public safety and health.

Building Variance Request Form

A request for a variance relating to access to a public building for people with disabilities shall be referred for decision to the Access Board established under Title 20 V.S.A. chapter 174. A request for a variance from the 2012 Vermont Fire & Building Safety Code for historical buildings that is not resolved under section 8(a) shall be determined by the Historic Variance Appeals Board as established by 20 V.S.A. 2732. A complete historical library of approved and denied variances can be accessed by contacting any of the Regional Offices.