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Laws, Citations and Fines

Safety and Access Codes are enforced by the Division of Fire Safety. When building owners, designers, contractors or others fail to comply with these codes they may be subject to a fine. A fine, referred to as an administrative citation and penalty, can be issued to a person or company who has failed to show a progression towards compliance. A fine may be issued without previous notification when a violation poses a serious threat to life safety, such as an inoperable or missing smoke or carbon monoxide alarm.  Professionals who maintain a license are obligated under licensing rules to obtain a work notice prior to commencing work, failure to do so may result in the issuance of a fine.

The administrative rule process allows the alleged violator to appeal the penalty.  The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Division of Fire Safety Central Office within twenty (20) day of receipt of the penalty.  An informal hearing will be scheduled to allow the opportunity to explain any mitigating circumstances that lead to the issuance of the penalty.

Laws and Rules

State Statutes