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Rental Housing Health and Safety Complaint Process

Here are the steps you should take when reporting rental housing Health & Safety code violations:

1. Research the Issue

Use information from in state trusted sources to make sure the issue truly is a code violation. State law requires the tenant not create or contribute to the noncompliance of the dwelling unit.

2. Notify Your Landlord

If there are violations in your rental property, start by submitting a written request for repairs. In case there are any issues moving forward, make sure to take pictures and keep documentation related to the housing code violations.

3. Give Your Landlord a Chance to Make Repairs

Give Your Landlord a Chance to respond to your request for repair—unless the issue poses an immediate threat to you or the other tenants. if the problems are extremely severe, the state fire marshal or health & safety Officer may require the landlord to fix the problem immediately. 

In some cases, tenants may be the ones to pursue the necessary repairs and the costs will be deducted from your monthly rent. You should always seek legal advice from the proper authorities and take the proper legal steps. You should keep a copy of all your expenses. However, if the landlord does not respond to your request for repair or any other attempts to communicate, you can then escalate the issue.

4. File a complaint with Division of Fire Safety and Schedule an Inspection

If your landlord does not address the code violations, it’s time to contact the Division of Fire Safety file a complaint and ask for an inspection. During the inspection, make sure to show all the housing code violations clearly. Have the inspector write down all the cold violations. You may also ask for a signed copy of the inspection report.

5. Landlord Receives the inspection report

The State Fire Marshal or Health & Safety Officer will then send the report to the landlord. The landlord will be given a fixed timeframe wherein he must complete all the necessary repairs. issues that pose an immediate threat to life must be resolved immediately or the building may be closed by order of the Fire Marshal.


     Fill out an Online Complaint Electronic Form.         

     Download the PDF of the Complaint Form.