Robert Howe Fire Safety Calendar

The 2017 Robert Howe Fire Safety Calendar Project

This years Calendar project is already underway as the National Fire Prevention Week is the week of October 9th through October 15th.

2017 Letter to all Third Grade Teachers

Information on Sponsoring the Calendar Project

Annual Fire Safety Calendar and Poster Contest.
The program is a yearly program that features the art work of 3rd grade students from around the State. The program is an annual event that produces a calendar featuring the art work of 3rd grade students from around the State. The program provides a focused learning experience when children prepare fire prevention posters for each month of the calendar.

Calendars are printed with donations from a group of dedicated sponsors who believe fire safety education reduces fire related injuries and deaths and believes education starts with educating one of our most vulnerable age groups.

If you would like to help sponsor the project and have your name, company or organization represented on the calendar you can find more information on that by reading the appropriate link below.

In the 25 years of the program over 495,000 fire safety calendars have been given to elementary school children delivering daily fire safety messages and bestowing reminders to thousands of families across the State. The calendar project is primarily funded by donations from sponsors and Vermont’s emergency service groups.

Posters Selected for the 25th Annual
Vermont Fire Safety Calendar

Jared Preseau                   Cover                   Wells Village School
Esme Visco-Lyons           January                Bristol Elementary School
Tanner  Bolster                 February              Fair Haven Grade School
Hayden  Lutz                     March                   Bristol Elementary School
Rylee  Friend                     April                     Bristol Elementary School
Josiah  Crossman             May                      Rutland Area Christian School
Allison Wells                     June                     Bristol Elementary School
Mai-Liis Edwards             July                       Monument Elementary
Ty Cunningham                 August                 Village School of North Bennington
Tayla Smith                        September          Chamberlin School
Jack Larson                        October               Fair Haven Grade School
Isabelle Fouche                 November          Chamberlin School
Daya homayer                   December          Village School of North Bennington


Downloads and Resources


  • Student Artwork Submittal Instructions / Letter to Teachers
  •  Calendar Sponsor Request

Calendars are printed in December and distributed to schools throughout the State in January.

Public Education Contact

Micheal D. Greenia
Assistant State Fire Marshal 
Public Education & Information Section Chief
Phone: 802-479-7587
Fax: 802-479-7562