Modern Fire Behavior: Flashover Recognition - Chester

Location:  Chester Fire Station
Dates and Times: Tuesday, August 23 (1600 – 2200) and Saturday, August 27 (0900 – 1230)
Practical Student Maximum: 18
Practical Student Minimum: 15
Application deadline: August 9, 2016
Register by submitting a Modern Fire Behavior General Admission Application to the Vermont Fire Academy by the registration deadline. 

This newly revised program goes beyond it’s Advanced Fire Behavior predecessor.  Today's firefighters must understand the complexities involved in the science of fire and fire dynamics.  This updated course uses evidence based information, derived from modern fire research, to highlight key educational areas.  It will provide you the tools necessary to understand modern fire propagation, fuel packages, and ventilation and how they relate to firefighter safety and tactical deployment on today’s fireground.  The course begins with a classroom presentation and concludes with a live fire exercise where you observe fire development from ignition to flashover.  The culminating live fire exercise will "flip the classroom", where the student will be able to recognize the warning signs of flashover from inside a live fire environment. 
Minimum class size:  15   Maximum class size: 18 
Prerequisites: All Students must be 18 years of age and meet the prerequisites for live fire training as outlined in NFPA 1403.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

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Joseph Benard, Deputy Director

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