Emergency Vehicle Driver Training - Wells River

Course:  Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (EVDT)
Location:  Blue Mountain School
Dates:  September 9 & 10 ( 0800 - 1700)
Student Minimum:  15
Student Maximum: 24

Application deadline:  August 25, 2017
Please apply by submitting a general admission application to the Vermont Fire Academy by the Application deadline listed above

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (16 hours)

This program was developed by VFIS, to teach the emergency vehicle operator proper driving technique, the mental as well as the physical aspects of the driving task. The program points out the long term impact of an accident involving an emergency vehicle on the operator, the emergency service organization and the community in which they serve.  Includes both classroom and practical driving course. 
Prerequisites:  Valid vehicle operator’s license. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017 (All day)

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