Fire Service Training Specialist I

The Vermont Fire Academy – Division of Fire Safety is seeking dynamic and talented individuals for multiple part-time positions of Fire Service Training Specialist I.  We are currently seeking specialists who have education, training, and experience in curriculum development and adult learning.  The Fire Service Training Specialist will be assigned projects to update the curriculum of current course and program offerings and develop new courses and programs. 

Pay Grade:  20

Employment as an Fire Service Training Specialist

Fire Service Training Specialists are part-time temporary employees of the State of Vermont, Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety.  They are paid hourly for their work including travel time to and from assignments and they receive mileage reimbursement when travelling for assignments in their personal vehicles.  Work assignments based on the individual’s credentials and qualifications.  Some work may be performed at the Vermont Fire Academy in Pittsford, but many projects can be accomplished remotely.  The Training Specialist has the flexibility to set their work schedule based on their availability, production schedules, and project deadlines.   Work within a working group may be required as well as collaboration with subject matter experts.  The work may require attendance at a limited number of meetings that could occur on a weekday during regular business hours.

Applicants should have the ability to create and modify curriculum materials that includes learning objectives, lesson outlines, course materials, instructional aids, and an evaluation plan.  This work requires knowledge of the elements of a lesson plan, components of learning objectives, methods and techniques of instruction, principles of adult learning, techniques for eliminating bias in instructional materials, types and application of instructional media, evaluation techniques, and sources of references and materials.  Applicants must be proficient in creating, editing, and modifying multi-media materials including the use of common Microsoft Office applications.   

Job Class Definition

The Fire Service Training Specialist I is a position that allows individuals that may not possess Vermont Firefighter and/or Instructor certifications to be allowed to be involved in the development, delivery and evaluation of Vermont Fire Academy programs and courses. A person holding this position will be assigned specialty assignments in and out of the classroom based on their focused expertise. The Fire Service Training Specialist I will work under the supervision of a Fire Academy Coordinator, Lead Instructor, or a Course/Program Lead.  The Fire Service Training Specialist I will follow all current policies and procedures set forth by the Vermont Fire Academy, Division of Fire Safety and the State of Vermont Secretary of Administration and the Vermont Department of Human Resources.

Minimum Qualifications

The minimum qualifications for a Fire Service Training Specialist are:

  • Shall have a minimum of 200 hours documented experience in the specialty assignments that they are going to be involved with.
  • Shall be current or have worked within the required skill set during the previous five years.
  • Shall hold a recognized credential within a specialty subject area and show the requisite knowledge and skills commensurate with his/her certification level.
  • Shall be capable of treating all people in a professional and unbiased manner with the continual goal of providing quality training.

Position Requirements/Duties

Individuals hired into the position of Fire Service Training Specialist I must meet the following position requirements and duties:

  • Shall work as a Fire Service Training Specialist I for a minimum of twenty-four hours per year.
  • Shall only be allowed to participate in those activities that they have been deemed eligible for by the Chief of Fire Service Training or their designee.
  • Shall always work under the supervision of a Coordinator, Lead Instructor, or a Program/Course Lead.
  • Shall have at least a satisfactory performance review every two years.
  • Shall ensure that their skill set and subject specific instructor credential remains current.
  • Shall be oriented to the administrative and operational procedures of the Vermont Fire Academy’s courses and programs.
  • Shall maintain paperwork and documents as assigned for any course or program in accordance with Vermont Fire Academy policy and procedures.
  • Shall positively promote the Vermont Fire Academy.
  • Shall actively engage in the development of their instructional ability.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for a Fire Service Training Specialist I position, please submit a letter of interest that includes a statement of your areas of subject matter expertise along with your current resume or curriculum vitae that details your credentials and qualifications for this position.

Email or mail the above information to:

Michael Skaza, Training Program Coordinator
Vermont Fire Academy
93 Davison Drive
Pittsford, VT 05763

Candidate interviews will be conducted for selected individuals.  Fingerprinting and background checks are required by the Vermont Department of Public Safety prior to hire.  The Vermont Fire Academy will accept applicants until an adequate number of Fire Service Training Specialists are hired to meet the current need.

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Pittsford, VT 05763

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