Fire-Safe Cigarettes - Reduced Ignition Propensity

On May 1, 2006, Vermont became the second state in the country to require that all cigarettes sold in Vermont meet the criteria for fire standard compliant (FSC) cigarettes, also called fire-safe cigarettes. FSC cigarettes are designed to limit the risk that a cigarette will ignite upholstered furniture, a mattress, household furnishing or other combustible material.

The FSC cigarettes are designed to stop burning when left unattended, butotherwise have the same characteristics as other cigarettes. The term "fire-safe" cigarettes, is a misnomer. Cigarettes that meet the fire standard will start fires. Common sense precautions still need to be used when disposing of cigarettes or other smoking materials to prevent fires from starting.

The enforcement of the FSC cigarette law is a cooperative effort of the Department of Public Safety, Department of Liquor Control and the Office of Attorney General.

 Laws,Rules and Requirements

Vermont Law for Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarettes 

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List of Cigarettes that Meet Fire Standards and are Approved for Sale in Vermont 

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Certification Form and Checklist for Cigarette Compliantanc

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