The purpose of these rules is to protect and improve the general health and welfare of the people of the State of Vermont in the fields of environmental sanitation, water treatment, domestic supply and hydronically related hot water heating, by authorizing and enforcing rules and regulations for properly designed, acceptably installed and adequately maintained plumbing, water treatment and hydronically related water heating systems and by licensing qualified plumbers and qualified heating and water treatment specialists.

These rules shall apply to all public buildings, whether or not connected to public water systems or public sewage systems, and to all other buildings or facilities connected to a public water or sewage system. Owner-occupied single family residences which are not on public water systems or public sewage systems are not covered by these rules. Existing public buildings, and all other existing buildings or facilities which are on public water systems or public sewage systems must comply with these rules whenever the plumbing in those buildings or premises is changed, replaced, or altered.

Statutes, Rules and Adopted Codes

Vermont Plumbing Statute, Title 26, Chapter 39
2012 Vermont Plumbing Safety Rules effective July 1, 2013

2015 Vermont Plumbing Safety Rules effective August 1, 2015

Currently Adopted Codes

effective August 1, 2015 International Plumbing Code, 2015 Edition, as amended

International Plumbing Code, 2012 Edition, as amended

NOTE: The Division of Fire Safety does not sell code books. Please contact the International Code Council (ICC) to purchase the codes and standards.


Continuing Education

Testing Information

Information on testing for electrical, plumbing, elevator and lift mechanic licenses is available at

Related Information

New Law Regarding The Amount Of Lead In Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Solder:

Effective January 1, 2010, a new law (known as “Act 193”) restricting the sale or use of plumbing fixtures, pipes and solder, with lead amounts that are above the new limits applies in all plumbing fixtures which convey or distribute water for human consumption (i.e. water that is used for cooking or drinking). The restrictions of Act 193 apply in all buildings, even those buildings not covered by the Plumbing Rules.

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office has issued guidance on Act 193 and lead in plumbing supplies

For additional information on Act 193, please visit the Vermont Attorney General’s website or email Assistant Attorney General Rob McDougall or call (802)-828-5507.

Plumbing & Heating Inspectors Contact Information

Plumbing and heating inspections for the Northern half of Vermont are handled by John Hammer out of the Barre Regional Office, and Plumbing and heating inspections for the Southern half of Vermont are handled by Gerald Garrow out of the Rutland Regional Office.

G.J. Garrow
Chief Plumbing and Heating Inspector

Chairman Plumbing Examining Board
Rutland Regional Office 

56 Howe Street, Building A Suite 200 Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 786-5841  Fax: (802) 786-5872

John Hammer
Plumbing and Heating Inspector

Barre Regional Office
1311 U.S. Route 302 - Suite 500 Barre, VT 05641-2351
Phone: (802) 479-8616 Fax: (802) 479-4446