Permits and Forms

Instructions for submitting permits and work notices can be found on the forms themselves.

Please Note: All applications and work notices must be filled out completely with fees included before any processing or issuing of permits.  It is illegal to start work without first obtaining a valid state permit. Please plan your projects accordingly. 

Building Permit Application, Forms and Work Notices

Boiler/ Pressure Vessel Inspection Certificate

Boiler/ Pressure Vessel Inspection Report

Change of Use/Change of Ownership Inspection Request Form

Complaint Form

Construction Permit Application

Conveyance Certificate Time Extension Request Form

Conveyance Equipment Registration

Conveyance Incident Report

Conveyance Inspection Report

Conveyance Work Permit

Electrical Work Permit

Elevator Safety Board Variance Form

Final Construction Valuation Form

Fire Alarm/Sprinkler/Suppression System Application

Hood & Extinguishing System

Plumbing Work Notice

Smoke/CO Alarm Certification (Used for Home Sales)

Sticker Request Form (TQP, Conveyance, Boiler/PV, System ID's)

Tank Permit Application

Tent Permit Application

TQP Inspection Report

Variance Request Form (Building / Construction)

License, Certification Applications and Forms

Plumbing License Application

Electrical License Application

Fireworks Permits and Forms

Fireworks Fire Safety Fact Sheet

Municipal Fireworks Display Checklist

Public Fireworks Display Permit

Federal Fireworks Information

Municapal Forms

Municapal Condemned to be distroyed Order Form