Lodging or Rooming Houses

Lodging or Rooming Houses provide sleeping accommodations for 16 or fewer quests on a transient basis. Buildings in this classification are often called an Inn, or a Bed-and-Breakfast. A small Lodging or Rooming House that provides sleeping accommodations for a total of 6 or fewer quests and is occupied by the proprietor may be classified as a one & two family dwelling. A facility that has accommodations for more than 16 quests on a transient basis is classified as a hotel or dormitory. A single family dwelling that provides sleeping accommodations on a transient basis for more than 6 quests, such as a ski lodge, is classified as either a Lodging or Rooming house or hotel or dormitory depending on the number of quests. The fire safety requirements for a Lodging or Rooming House fall in between the minimal requirements for a one & two family dwelling and the fire safety requirements needed for a large scale hotel. The primary requirements for either a new or existing Lodging or House are found in Chapter 26 of the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101.

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