Periodic Inspection & Test of Fire Protection Systems

The annual inspection of fire protection systems is an extremely important requirement of the “Vermont Fire & Building Safety Code – 2005” to ensure that these systems will work correctly when they are needed. [section NFPA 1: as amended] Each year approximately 15,000 inspections and tests of fire sprinkler (other than multipurpose piping systems), suppression, emergency electrical generation, alarm, detection and other fire protection systems are conducted by technically qualified people who have obtained the required certificate of fitness according to section NFPA 1:1.13, as amended. The annual inspection and test is required to cover all intervals of testing frequency for the fire protection system but the owner is still responsible for the more frequent maintenance, inspection and testing of the fire protection system as required by the code. For instance, gauges on wet pipe sprinkler systems are required to be inspected monthly to ensure they are in good condition and that the normal water supply is being maintained. [section NFPA 25:] A technically qualified person may train the owner to conduct this type of monthly inspection. The technically qualified person is required to file a written inspection report with the Division regional office within 14 days of completion of each annual inspection of a fire protection system.

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