Elevator Safety Review Board Members

The Elevator Safety Review Board assures that elevators and other automated conveyances are correctly and safely installed and operated within the state by authorizing and enforcing rules for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of automated people conveyances, and by licensing mechanics and inspectors who work on these conveyances.

Joseph Benard
Ex-Officio Chair for Commissioner Flynn
Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety

Les Burns
Ex-Officio Chair for Commissioner Noonan
Department of Labor

Frederick Bashara, Sr.
Owner of a multi-store building in which a conveyance is installed.
Capitol Plaza

Leonard Bullinger
Elevator Technician/Installer for Otis Elevator Company

James Bushey
Representative of an elevator servicing company.
Elevator Sales & Service, Inc.

William Henry
Elevator Inspector

Alan Lawler
Representative of Kone Elevator Co.

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