Boards and Committees

The Division also provides support to many the Plumbing, Elevator and Electrical Boards and works with representatives of the trade community on continuing education and licensing issues.

Meetings are held @ 1:30pm on the last Monday of the month in the 
Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety Large 
Conference Room,

1311 US Route 302 – Berlin, Suite 600, Barre, Vermont 06541-2351
Contact Bridgette Hutchinson 802-479-7561

Vermont Access Board

The Access Board adopts rules on technical requirements for accessibility to public buildings The Board also has legislative authority to hear and grant variances from particular provisions of Vermont rules. The Board has no authority to grant variances from those portions of the Vermont law which are also federal requirements.

                                    Board Members                                    

Keith W Flynn (Chair/Commissioner) - Designee:Joseph Benard Depiuty Director
Representative Alice Emmons ( House Insttutions Committee)
Senator Peg Flory ( Senate Institutions Committee)
Giovanna Peebles (Historic Preservation Officer) - Designee: Caitlin Corkins            Mike Obuchowski (BGS Commissioner) - Designee: Tricia Harper                                    David Sagi (Rep. Disability Organization)
Fredrick A Senftleber (Independent Architect)
Mike Charron (VCIL)
Kim Morrow (Builder/Contractor)
Cleary O. Buckley (Rep. Disability Organization)

2015 Meeting Dates

JANUARY 26, 2015
FEBRUARY 23, 2015
MARCH 30, 2015
APRIL 27, 2015
MAY 18, 2015 (adjusted for Memorial Day)
JUNE 29, 2015
JULY 27, 2015
AUGUST 31, 2015
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
OCTOBER 26, 2015
DECEMBER 7, 2015 (adjusted to avoid the Holidays)


* Please note that in order for your item/application to be reviewed at a meeting all documents must be received at the Central office 2 weeks prior to the meeting*